TMO Adds New Hardcore Mac OS X Forum

We have added a brand new forum called Hardcore X! to our forums. Hardcore X! is designed to offer a place for people who want to get the most out of Mac OS X, and arenit afraid to get their hands dirty. It is said that there is even some "command line" stuff being talked about, but this forum is open to GUI and CLI fans alike.

The forum is being moderated by our own John F. Braun (Mondayis Mac Gadget, reviews, and other TMO content), Wincent Colaiuta (Hot Cocoa, Webmaster for, all around Mac OS X stud), and dcantrel, as he is known in the forums, our newest TMO Mac Specialist.

So far, we have posts on PHP and other scripting languages, Web servers and X, working with GIMP, working with alternate shells, and other geeky stuff like that. If you really want to take Mac OS X as far as you can take it, our new forum is the place to hang out.