TMO Announces New Education Forum, New Avatars

We are pleased to announce a new education forum called "An Apple A Day: Macs In Education." The new forum is aimed at educators, students, and administrators working in an education environment, who wish to talk about Macs, networking, education software, and anything else pertaining to education. Forum member and TMO reporter DawnTreader, a.k.a. as Robert Paul Leitao, will be modding this forum.

We are also pleased to announce the addition of more than 150 new avatars for our registered members. These include three series of great 3D heads, and many new avatars contributed by other forum members. To see the more than 500 avatars available, register, or click on the profile link if you are already registered, and click the "Show Gallery" button at the bottom of the preferences page. Use the pull down menu on the gallery page to see other images.

Lastly, we have started a series of tips for using our new forums, to help people get to know all of the new features and enhancements in our improved forum engine.