TMO Covers Recent Software Updates

Friday saw several software updates from developers, including Koingo Softwareis release of Alarm Clock Pro 7.6.8, Mac Pilot 2.0.6, Track Destroyer 1.2.2, and Password Retriever 5.2.2; Econ Technologiesi issuance of a Universal Binary for ImageCaster; and Daylite 3.0.2 from Marketcircle.

The new version of Alarm Clock Pro includes Stop Watch improvements, a system time offset for alarms, bug fixes, and more. Mac Pilotis changes include the ability to set the system umask and the ability to print the key combo, ports, and error lists. The Track Destroyer upgrade offers various interface enhancements while Password Retriever features major changes to its Password Generator and Quick Browser functions.

In addition to including support for Intel processors, ImageCaster 2.1 offers new features, such as smart window staggering and updated online help, as well as bug fixes.

Finally, Marketcircleis Daylite 3.0.2 includes bug fixes as well as better Heads Up Display functionality and the ability of the dock icon to bounce when notifications arrive, even if Daylite isnit running.