TMO Forums Pass 100,000 Post Mark

We are pleased as punch to announce that we have hit the 100,000 post mark in the TMO forums. Launched two years ago, the TMO forums have grown to become one of the largest -- and certainly the best -- forums in the Mac community. Free of the mindless flame wars and juvenile behavior that is so prevalent elsewhere, our forums are the pride and joy of everyone here at The Mac Observer (TMO).

Where else can you engage in intelligent conversation about everything from the iTunes Music Store, to the meaning behind the Matrix, to traceroute problems, to a frank and meaningful discussion on issues involved in downloading unlicensed music? Better yet, many of us who hang out in the forums have become friends.

The 100,000th post was made by forum member Roger in a thread about Word 2001 problems. Thanks, Roger! Weid also like to thank the great team of mods and TMOis staff members that help keep everything running well in the forums.

If you havenit already, take a second to check out the forums, and be a part of the next 100,000 posts. On behalf of everyone at TMO, thank you.