TMO On The News

Our Mac Sighting Series is usually reserved for such things as Macs in the movies, videos, and famous people using their Macs, but today we have a little tidbit about, well, The Mac Observer (TMO) itself. Brian Zappia wrote to tell us that he spied our logo in the background of a local news broadcast:

Just thought you might like to know that The Mac Observer made a cameo appearance on todayis 4:00 news on 12 WKRC in Cincinnati. On the computer monitor immediately behind the anchor, your logo was clearly seen. Itis even more interesting that Iive seen the Novell login box on that monitor before, it has to be a PC.

We find that entertaining, to say the least, so pardon our moment of narcissism in passing it on to you. If youive spotted Macs in the press, on film, or anywhere else, let us know by writing!