TMO Reader Notes Supply Of Mac OS X 10.1 Upgrade Kits

We received a note from an Observer who found a CompUSA with a cache of Mac OS X 10.1 upgrade kits. These are the upgrade kits Apple distributed when Mac OS X 10.1 was first released last year. Since that release, it has been difficult to impossible to find the CDs, but Observer Sam Beard found some in a Houston CompUSA:

Saw your listing of Mac OS X 10.1 $50 and wanted to let you know that I recently got the 10.1 Upgrade CD from CompUSA in Houston for free. I was trying to get a download of 10.1.3 Combo Upgrade (my dial-up connection kept getting interrupted or dropping before I could complete the download) and was hoping that Iid be able to get it from them. Instead, they gave me the upgrade kit, mistakenly thinking it was 10.1.3. However, I DID need that, as well, so it wasnit a problem for me. Just thought Iid let you know. The salesman said that CompUSA had gotten a bunch of them, so it may be available at other stores or possibly online.

Sam Beard

Thanks for the note, Sam! Any other Observers knowing of a supply of upgrade CDs are asked to drop a note in the comments below.