TMO Staff & Reader Editorials On Terrorist Attacks

The terrorist attacks on New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania yesterday have left the Mac world as shaken as the rest of the world. The Mac Observer has been torn between wanting to return to "normalcy" in order to deny as much victory as possible to the cowards that perpetrated these attacks, and participating with our readers in the grieving and discussion process we all obviously want and need. We have gotten a number of letters and comments from people thanking us for our coverage yesterday and for encouraging people to keep a level head. We deeply appreciate that. To enable us to meet both desires, we are moving our existing editorials on the subject to this page, and are adding more as well.

TMOis staff members have written a number of editorials and letters about the issues, and we wanted to present them here. We invite you to share your thoughts as well; we are inviting our readers to submit letters on the tragic events to be published here, though we canit guarantee that everything will be published. Send your submissions to We are continuing to update the news events related to this tragedy in our forum thread dedicated to that.

Through Eolakeis Eyes - Hoping For Calm Minds by Eolake Stobblehouse [Link Corrected]

Waking Up To The Real World; What A Way To Wake Up - by Rodney O. Lain

A Tough Test For The US by Michael Munger

From John F. Kennedy To The World Trade Center - by Nancy Carroll Gravley

Thoughts From The North Side Of The Border - by Oliver Dueck

A Horrific Day at the Movie Theatre - by Brad Smith

New York Still Lives - by Nicolas diPierro

Observer Submission - What did we lose? - by Timothy J. Etherington

Observer Submission - American Image (Image) - by Bob Borries

Observer Submission - Tribute To America (Image) - by Carol Goodell