TMO Welcomes Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus With New Column

Do you remember when we said "Help TMO Grow, Buy Online Through Our Affiliate Links?" Well, we were serious. Due in part to the help of many people in our community who have chosen to shop through our affiliate links and buy from our advertisers, we are proud to announce the addition of Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus to The Mac Observer with his new column, Dr. Mac: Rants & Raves.

Bob LeVitus has written more than 40 computer books, and has written for most of the Mac print magazines over the years, and a few Mac Web sites, as well. Now heis calling TMO his home, and we are delighted to have him.

Dr. Mac: Rants & Raves will be appearing twice a month, and we have little control over what he will write.

"Iim tired of being wrapped up in contracts that force me to curb my infamous mouth," he explained to us in a frothy-mouthed iSight interview. "Heck Bryan, you know me; Iim an angry man sometimes. If you want me to write, you are going to have to lay off with the heavy editorial shackles. If I want to say that [deleted] is [edited], you better [censored] well let me."

No problem, Bob, and welcome aboard!