TMO's Bryan Chaffin Joins the Latest User Group Report

The Mac Observer editor Bryan Chaffin is one of the guests in the latest edition of The User Group Report, a weekly audio show put together by Macintosh User Group (MUG) Center editor Chuck Joiner. This weekis show features TidBITSi Adam and Tonya Engst, who chat about Macworld Boston, podcasting and the evolution of the Mac; writer Scott Knaster, who authored Hacking Mac OS X Tiger and who reports on the recent Ad-Hoc/MacHack Conference; and Mr. Chaffin, who serves as the Mac News Brain Trust guest.

Mr. Chaffin covers the opening of the iTunes Music Store in Japan, the recent launch of the sister Web site iPod Observer and Appleis release of the Mighty Mouse, about which he says: "If millions of people stupid enough to choose Windows can handle a multi-button mouse, I think that Mac users can."

The User Group Report is available in streaming QuickTime or as a downloadable MP3 or podcast file.