TMO's List Of Retail Locations That Will Carry The Free Mac OS X 10.1 Upgrade (Updated)

[Update: We have updated our information below on The Wiz.]

Apple will be releasing the highly anticipated Mac OS X 10.1 update tomorrow, and we have been inundated by questions from people wanting to know where they can get it. The company is releasing the update in two forms: one from the online Apple Store which will be sent to you at a cost of US$19.95 (shipping & handling), and the other as a free handout while supplies last at retail locations around the country. Many Observers are left wanting to know which stores will have the free version and what they will need to present to get it.

The following is a list of some of the retailers that will be carrying it plus any notes we have on what those retailers might be requiring for you to get a copy. While most of the locations have told us that they will not be requiring proof of ownership of Mac OS X (the CD works only as an upgrade, and requires an earlier version of Mac OS X to be installed on your system), The Mac Observer suggests you bring proof of purchase with you. Consider it a "Just In Case" bit of advice in the event of limited supply. For our purposes, proof means an original sales receipt, or one of the proof-of-purchase coupons that came with the boxed copy of Mac OS X. You may also want to consider having the registration card for your Mac (if it came with Mac OS X pre-installed). We would also recommend that you call ahead if you can.

Apple Store
Naturally, theyill have lots of CDs, and no proof of purchase will be necessary. Incidentally, one Apple Store employee reports, ""Weire getting tons of calls on this, and weive had to put a person full time on answering phone calls about Mac OS X 10.1." If you live near an Apple Store, this is the one place we know that will get it right.

Apple Store Locations

A CompUSA national PR person told us that all of the companyis stores will be carrying the free update, and that each should be getting 100 copies. That said, there have been scattered reports from people whose local CompUSA locations have not known anything about it, or who have said they would not be carrying it. We strongly recommend a bit of patience in dealing with your local CompUSA, and you should be prepared for dealing with folks who donit know whatis going on. Officially, no proof of purchase should be needed at a CompUSA to get a copy of the update, and they will be handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis. E-mails to TMO and some Forum posts have also reported that some stores have some waiting lists.

Fryis Electronics
An employee in the software department of the Sunnyvale store reports that 10.1 CDs will be available at all 19 Fryis Electronics stores Saturday.

Fryis Store Locations

155 West 23rd Street 4th Floor, New York, NY 10011
(212) 929-3645
E-mail -

"We now have OS X 10.1 in stock, and we will be distributing the free OS X 10.1 Instant Update (for people who already own 10.0x) starting on Saturday September 29th at 10am. We also have all current Apple CPUs and thousands of related items in stock."

6931 Arlington Rd, Unit A
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 907-0300

MacUpgrades is an Apple Specialist in the DC area. A company spokesperson said they are set to hand out the updates in the morning.

J&R Computer
23 Park Row, New York, NY 10038 Across from City Hall Park
(212) 238-9000

Long time Apple retailer J&R Computer will not be handing out the update, but you can order the full retail version online for US$129. From the company: "Our proximity to the World Trade Center attack forced us to temporarily close our retail doors for the first time in 30 years. We will re-open very shortly. However, our Web site and phone order division are going strong. To purchase from J&R, please use this Web site or call us at 1-800-221-8180."

RCS Computer Experience
1230 6th Ave
NY, NY 10020
(212) 949-6935

575 5th Ave.
NY, NY 10017
(212) 687-3773

As of Friday noon Eastern time, they have not received their CDs but are expecting a shipment. Call to find out.

The Wiz
Update: The Wiz has told The Mac Observer that they will be carrying the free upgrade CDis, but they will not be coming into stores until early next week. Further it was advised to call ahead or check the website for further information.

Calls to their corporate office went unreturned at press time. One store employee in the computer department didnit have any specific knowledge about the upgrades but guessed that, "If theyire sending them to dealers, weill get them."

The Wiz Store Locations

We were very surprised by this, but a MicroCenter spokesperson stated that they will NOT be carrying the upgrade CDs, but will be selling the full boxed version for $129.

MicroCenter Store Locations

You can search for other U.S. Authorized Apple Resellers near you at Appleis Web site. If you are affiliated with an Apple retailer and would like to be included in our list, please let us know. Include relevant store information.