TNC Soft Updates XBase With Mailing List Manager And More

TNC Software has released an update for XBase, bringing it to version 1.0.1. XBase is a Web utility designed for the management of Web sites. The update features improved performance and adds new functions including a mailing list manager. According to TNC

TNC releases XBase 1.0.1.

XBase is the WebObjects-based solution that offers various functions from unlimited category system, reporter mode and administrator mode to manage news articles, online forum, advertising management system, poll system to user management system.

The Web interface makes it easier to do management. Small to medium corporations, education institutions can now build information portal site to provide large amount of accumulated data and information accurately and promptly through web. Moreover, users can utilize various functions of XBase such as display option to build different types of website to best fit their needs.

Itis a minor update, with improved performance of XBase, performance of exposuring banner, add mailing list manager. Now send news to subscribers with html format mail in mailing list manager.

You can find more information about the XBase update at the TNC Software Web site. XBase is available for US$499.00.