TacOps Map Manager Update From Pariahware

Pariahware has released an update for TacOps Map Manager, bringing it to version 1.0.2. T.O.M.M. is a download managements app designed for storing maps and textures in permanent locations. The update features improved performance and several bug fixes. According to Pariahware:

T.O.M.M. stands for TacOps Map Manager. T.O.M.M. parses your TacOps cache file and allows one to move their downloaded maps, textures, et al into their permanent locations so that they do not need to be downloaded again.

New in this version: v1.0.1

  • New Icon so as to not get confused with the MacOS X TacOps Launcher
  • Fixed Classic MacOS icons
  • Fixed Windowsi window icon
  • Added an accelerator key for the Windowsi About Box\\
  • Added copyright and version information
  • Added creator code for MacOS
  • MacOS X version distributed as a package

You can find more information about the T.O.M.M. update at the Pariahware Web site. T.O.M.M. 1.0.2 is available as freeware.