Take Your iPod mini Swimming With Otter Box

Otter Products today extended its Otter Box for iPod case to the iPod mini, brining waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and drop-proof protection to the music player.

The Otter Box for iPod mini features a waterproof membrane that protects the click wheel, and a hard plastic window for the screen that keeps it fully legible. Combined with waterproof headphones, the Otter Box allows users to take their iPod mini with them swimming, jet skiing, kayaking, or any other water related activity. The Otter Box also features a belt clip with headphone cable management abilities.

The Otter Box for iPod mini sells for $49.95; an optional arm band costs an additional $14.95. Otter Boxes are also available for 3G and 4G iPods.

Otter Box iPod mini