"Tale in the Desert, the Second Telling" for Mac Launched

eGenesis has launched the Mac version of A Tale in the Desert, the Second Telling. The massively-multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) now runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Unlike most MMORPGs, A Tale in the Desert, the Second Telling is not a combat game. eGenesis describes it as a cooperative gaming environment. From the companyis description:

The story of The Stranger who challenges The Pharaoh is a simple one: The Pharaoh boasts they have created the perfect society – The Stranger tasks Pharaoh and his people to prove this claim. Through a series of 49 tests in 7 schools of learning, players build, create, and grow the society. Tasks include using spatial relationships, the creation of art, leadership training, exploration, physical challenges, mathematical skills, and the playing of games. Each player chooses his/her own path and works to complete the tests accordingly. A “tale” or a “telling” is the completion of The Stranger’s challenge of all 49 tests and is intended to last around 6 months.

The game is a free download, which offers 24 hours of free play. After that 24 hours, the game is a subscription service priced at US$13.95 per month. The company says that no credit card is required to try the game for the 24-hour free trial.

You can find more information, screen shots, and download links at the gameis Web site.