Talking Dictionary Meets Karaoke And Slaughters Your Favorite Song

Oh goody, Mondayis here. Feeling a bit flat and lifeless? So are some of your favorite songs.

At Dictionaraoke, theyive managed to collect 100 songs as recited by the Webis range of speaking dictionaries. From classics like Barry Manilowis "Copacabana" to contemporary pop such as Britney Spearsi "Oops, I Did it Again," this intriguing range of songs pairs the low-fi joy of MIDI with the audio clips generated by online dictionaries with audio pronunciation guides. Youill either laugh or cry when you hear these. Either way, youill be sure to get back at that person whois always bugging you on a Monday morning with her impossibly chirpy nature. It may not be a good thing that theyire yours to download and keep.

You can check out the back catalog at the Dictionaraoke Web site.