TamTam Brings TomTom GO to Mac

Our Australian readers may know of TamTams as being delicious cookies, but Equinux is using its new TamTam software to offer new GPS connectivity options to Mac users. TamTam provides compatibility with TomTomis GPS navigation system, TomTom GO, allowing users to manage the device from their Macs.

TomTom GO is a standalone navigation device that is intended for use in cars without built-in systems. Using TamTam, Mac users can manage their maps, upload voice tones, and create a backup of the entire system on their Macs.

You can find more information on TamTam at Equinuxis Web site. The software sells for US$14.30.

You can find more information on TomTom GO at TomTomis Web site. The device starts at $799.95 ($669.88 - Amazon).