Tape And OS X Go Great Together

Fresh on the heels of yesterdayis release of OS X Beta, Public Access Software has announced the availability of a Carbonized version of their Package creation utility, Tape. Version 1.5 offers full OS X support, as well as including support for the new systemis Bundles structure. According to Public Access:

Public Access Software is now publicly distributing "Tape" software specifically designed to support the forward-looking features of Mac OS X.

Tape is an easy to use Mac program to create application packages. Application packages are special folders containing multiple files and sub-folders that appear as one file to the user.

Tape is now fully Carbonized and in fact requires CarbonLib 1.04 on Mac OS 8.5 through 9.x to function. You can also use the exact same copy of Tape on Mac OS X DP4 or newer to create application packages for either platform.

Tape 1.5 has preliminary support for Mac OS X "bundles" which are an enhanced version of OS 9 packages. Using a redesigned interface users will be able to easily create OS X bundles and the required complex files with very little effort.

Tape will handle virtually all aspects of package creation including OS X property list creation including automated file type to extension mappings, iicnsi icon file creation and preflight verification of the internal package structure wrapped around on an existing Mac OS application.

This is a preview release only to garner feedback and publicly test the features and design of the software. Tape 1.5 is in no way complete or fully functional and should not be used for critical software deployment tasks at this time.

Tape is available for US$10. You can find more information at the Public Access Software web site.