Tape Helps Bundle Apps

After a very brief beta period, Public Access Software has released the final version of Tape 1.5. The application allows developers to easily create "bundles" or "packages" for transporting and installing software. The latest version includes complete OS X support. According to Public Access:

Public Access Software today has released Tape 1.5.

Tape is a utility for software developers that can covert folders into application packages. Packages contain numerous application files and folders in a single consolidated format which appears as a single file in the Finder.

This is the official release which supports Mac OS 9 "packages" and Mac OS X "bundles" including preflight verification and format-specific options such as XML generation and icns-file creation.

Tape 1.5 requires CarbonLib 1.1 which is part of Mac OS 9.1 and as a separate download for earlier Mac OS versions or Mac OS X Beta.

Tape 1.5 can now create a complete Mac OS X bundle on Mac OS X as of this release. A problem with Mac OS X Betais Carbon implementation not generating an XML-based file is worked around within Tape to provide full functionality on the new Mac OS.

Tape is available as shareware for US$10. You can find more information at the Public Access Software web site.