Tape Plays Nice With Carbon 1.2, OS 9.1

Public Access Software has announced that with the release of OS 9.1, Tape will now be bundled with CarbonLib 1.2. Tape is a utility for creating application packages or bundles, depending upon your OS of choice, and the latest version of the CarbonLib allows OS 8.6 and greater users to work with Tape. According to Public Access Software:

Just a notice that with Mac OS 9.1 now available, and our license from Apple granting us permission to include CarbonLib with specific software, Tape 1.5.5 can now be used on Mac OS 8.6 up to 9.1 via CarbonLib v1.2 as well as on Mac OS X natively.

Tape is a Mac OS software "package" tool that can convert a single Mac app into either a Mac OS 9 "package" or the more complex Mac OS X "bundle" which includes XML file creation and more. Software packages can contain various folders and files required by software programs within what appears to be a single application file in the Finder.

Tape is available for US$10. You can find more information at the Public Access Software web site.