Pulls Mac mini; No Stock to Fill Orders

Online retailer Target Corp. has removed Appleis new Mac mini from its list of available products, saying it doesnit know when it will get stock of the product to fulfill orders.

Mac Observer readers who inquired about the product began receiving e-mails Tuesday saying the product was being pulled from its online store because the company didnit know when it would be able to get the product from Apple Computer.

"We appreciate your interest in purchasing the Mac Mini," the e-mail said. "We canit offer a definite date when it will be on hand again, and because of this, weire not able to make it available for ordering at this time."

TMO reader Stephan Weisman said the e-mail also suggested checking the Web site on a regular basis to see when the product would be available to order again.

A Target spokesperson has not returned repeated phone calls from TMO requesting additional comment.

Appleis own online store shows the Mac mini as backlogged three to four weeks. Phone calls to five east coast-based Apple retail stores showed none of the stores had Mac miniis in stock. "We have a waiting list we can add you to," a store employee in Boston told TMO. "Weire hearing at least two weeks on getting any more miniis in, but I think itis going to be much longer than that."