Target Stores Pick TiBook To Advertise Web Site

We received notes from Observers William Higgins III and Benjamin Doherty about Targetis use of the TiBook to push their Web site, The company is using imagery of Appleis portables in signs within their own stores to push the concept of shopping online. From Messrs. Higgins and Doherty:


The "Target" chain of stylish, inexpensive commodities uses a new iBook on their ad campaign for their web site. I saw this at the store in Chicago yesterday. Target doesnit sell computers, but on a whim I looked at their software and saw a few--very few--Mac titles.

(open iBook)

thatis all.

Benjamin Doherty

Inside Target Stores there are signs posted around. Each sign shows a TiBook.

William Higgins III

Thanks for the note! If you have a Mac sighting, let us know!