Targus Announces Mac Notebook Accessories & Peripherals

Targus, Inc. announced Monday a set of products compatible with Appleis PowerBook and iBook notebook computers, including a miniature optical mouse, laptop stand, new universal power adapter, and laptop lap stand.

The Ultra-Mini Optical Mouse, at US$50 features the familiar white coloring and silver accents, wireless RF technology, a compact, lightweight design, a three-button scrolling wheel, 800-dpi optical resolution, a thumb-sized USB receiver, and a carrying pouch.

The three-in-one Mobile 70 Universal AC/DC Adapter at $120 powers and charges iBooks and PowerBooks from a standard AC wall outlet, car cigarette lighter or commercial airplane power port. The adapter includes two charging tips compatible with most iBooks and PowerBooks, a three-foot AC input cord, a three-foot DC (auto/air) input cord, and a six-foot DC output cord.

Targus said it plans to introduce an optional accessory power adapter this fall with charging tips for the Apple iPod and other mobile devices, allowing users to simultaneously charge a cell phone, PDA, or iPod from the same power source while at the same time powering a PowerBook or iBook.

The Podium CoolPad increases airflow to improve the cooling efficiency of any notebook computer. The CoolPad works by raising the back edge of a notebook off the desk to allow the notebookis fan to easily pull air and cool the internal components of the notebook. The height on the CoolPad is adjustable and weighs less than 15 ounces. It retails for $30.

Targus also announced that it would be offering the Notebook Portable LapDesk, a folding tray that supports a notebook computer while on a useris lap, plane service tray or other surface. The LapDesk retails for $30.