Teach Those Old Dogs New Tricks With Mac Help Book

Cocoa Nuts Technology is shipping a new book titled, "Old Fartis Guide to the Macintosh." The book is designed to introduce basic computer users to the wonderful world of the Macintosh operating system. The book is aimed at users over fifty, and presents a history of the development of computers from the early seventies to the present. According to Cocoa Nuts Technology:

Global software development and contracting firm Cocoa Nuts Technology unveils new book demonstrating that computers are still very much a new technology waiting to be discovered by millions of people.

The “Old Fart’s Guide™ to the Macintosh”, shows that nobody is ever too old to learn new tricks. Everyone can benefit from interaction with a Macintosh. This book takes the unique approach of introducing computers to those people who did not grow up with them, paying particular interest to those of us who are over fifty years young.

You can find more information about the "Old Fartis Guide to the Macintosh" at the Cocoa Nuts Technology Web site. "Old Fartis Guide to the Macintosh" is available for US$25.00.