Teaching Tool Upgrade Helps Teachers Teach

MacMuse Software has released an upgrade for itis education program, Quizmaker Pro. Quizmaker Pro is a Mac app designed to help teachers make quizes tests. The upgrade to version 4.1 has many new features and bug fixes as well as user requested features. According to MacMuse Software:

MacMuse Software, Shareware for Education, announces the release of version 4.1 of QuizMaker Pro, the all-in-one quiz application for the Macintosh. This upgrade adds several user requested features as well as fixing some bugs from version 4.0. QuizMaker Pro 4.1 is a full-featured Macintosh application which generates, administers, archives, and scores multiple choice, matching, and short answer tests.

New Features & Fixes in QuizMaker Pro 4.1:

  • Added preference to require a student password before a test can be taken.
  • Added a preference to allow test takers to exit before the test is completed.
  • Added ability to include a picture with Matching Quizzes.
  • Added "Save As..." option to all test creating screens.
  • Splash Screen now uses the entire monitor.
  • Not allowed to create a duplicate class name.
  • Picture view in the large screen is scaled, no longer cropped.
  • Errors in Manual fixed
  • Fixed bug in Create Class Screen which caused names to be lost.
  • Fixed printing problem with picture and only 2 answers.
  • Strip spaces from Short Answers so they wonit affect the correct answer.
  • Not allowed to leave answer blank when creating Short Answer questions.
  • Low score no longer displays as 100% when no users have taken test.
  • Fixed bug which caused app to crash on Test analysis when total questions given varied.
  • Improved printing of Multiple Choice and Matching tests
  • Remove low and high ASCII characters from Score file name which caused one user problems when file was looked for by QuizMaker Pro.
  • Improved ConvertQMP to version 1.01. Now reads answers correctly.
  • New Features in QuizMaker Pro 4.0
  • Windows, buttons and general appearance upgraded and modernized
  • "Short Answer" quiz capability added
  • Adding pictures to questions made much easier
  • All scores for a test saved in same file.
  • Tests can now be analyzed by class or by test including frequency of wrong answers by question.
  • New option to prohibit students from seeing scores or reviewing answers.
  • Print out of individual scores contains more information.
  • Improved test printing
  • Multiple tests can be "Linked" together creating a smooth testing environment.
  • Students select their class and their name with single clicks.

You can find more information and download links for QuizMaker Pro 4.1 at the MacMuse Software Web site. Upgrades from 4.0 are free and new registration start at US$5.00.