Teacup Sells TableStyles, CellStyles to Adobe

InDesign plug-in designer Teacup Software announced that it handed over the keys for its table enhancement plug-ins, TableStyles and CellStyles, to Adobe on Thursday. The plug-ins will be included with Adobe InDesign CS3 when it ships in April. Teacup did not state how much Adobe paid for the plug-in code.

TableStyles and CellStyles, welcome to Adobe.

The table creation tools in QuarkXPress 7 have generally been considered to be superior to the comparable features in Adobe InDesign CS2. With the improved tables features in InDesign CS3 along with the inclusion of the Teacup plugins, however, the two powerhouse page layout applications may now be on equal footing when designing and editing tables.

Teacup Software will still sell TableStyles and CellStyles Standard and Pro for InDesign CS and CS2. Pricing has been reduced to US$49 for the standard version, and $99 for the pro version.