TechSono Offers Free "Sidegrade" For PixMachine

TechSono is offering registered Windows users of PixMachine a free sidegrade to the Macintosh version. PixMachine manages picture files found in Usenet News groups, and this offer allows users that work on both a Mac and a PC to take advantage of this program. According to TechSono:

TechSono Offers Free Sidegrade from Windows to Mac Version of PixMachine

Users of TechSono Engineeringis PixMachine2000 for Windows 95/98/ME are invited to a free cross-grade to PixMachineMac.

Mike Trivisonno said, "We know a great many people have Windows machines at work and MacOS computers at home. We want these customers to enjoy PixMachineMac without having to pay twice".

Windows users are invited to request more information on this special offer, which ends March 1st, 2001, by sending email to:

PixMachineMac 1.0.6 downloads, decodes, and assembles files found in Usenet newsgroups. PixMachineMac will also detect, download, and manually assemble MasterSplitter files created on Windows computers - something few other MacOS newsreaders can do. If itis on Usenet PixMachineMac can probably grab it. PixMachineMac combines a simple interface with a robust download engine that automates the whole process.

You can find more information about PicMachineMac at the TechSono Web site.