TechTV Gives eMacs A First Look

Brett Larson of TechTV takes a First Look at Appleis only CRT-based consumer computer, the eMac. In a brief review, Mr. Larson likes what he sees. From the review:

Because the eMac is now available to the public, our first impressions have changed. The eMac has an excellent price for a G4 Mac, and it has a feature set that can please even the most demanding of users. We would like to have seen a DVD drive, but its absence doesnit tarnish our opinion.

Zettabyte Solutions was offering eMacs equipped with SuperDrives, but Apple has asked Zettabyte to stop offering the upgraded eMac, according to a MacCentral article. From the Zettabyte Solutions website:

Due to Legal Restrictions we will no longer be able to sell our SuperDrive equipped eMacs. We will honor all existing customeris warranties. Thank You for Visiting.

You can check out the review in full at TechTV.