TechTV Reviews "Apple's Big 12-Inch"

Before you go accusing TMO of being inappropriate, our title is actually quoted from TechTVis title. The mainstream, mostly PC-oriented TV show and Web site has reviewed Appleis new 12" PowerBook in a review titled "Appleis Big 12-Inch." The review was written by long-time Mac reviewer and writer Brett Larson, and delivers a very positive review of the AlBook for TechTVis tech crowd.

In particular, Mr. Larson talks about such things as how many features Apple packed into the AlBook, as well as the fact that it is priced very competitively. The unit was given 4 out of 5 stars. From the review:

Itis not often Apple can claim to have the best value in computers, especially when one compares the price of an Apple to the price of a PC. But it seems that lately Apple has been working at jamming its laptops full of goodies, while at the same time decreasing the price -- and weight -- to make them less expensive than similarly equipped PCs. Itis odd, but true.

Appleis new 12-inch PowerBook is all that: cheap, packed with features, and, as is expected from Apple, stylish. See it, and find out what the company is loading inside its computers these days, tonight on "Tech Live."


Apple has gone off the deep end with what it has managed to squeeze into the new PowerBook. For wireless options, Bluetooth is built in, so you donit have to carry around or worry about losing any adapters. Apple also made the new iBook work with the new AirPort Extreme (which uses the 802.11g wireless standard and is backward compatible, so youill be able to connect to existing 802.11b, too), so you can painlessly and quickly go wireless. And any Mac user who has ever added an AirPort card to his or her PowerBook will appreciate this: Installing the AirPort Extreme card doesnit require removing the lid or keyboard. It doesnit even require a screwdriver. You simply remove the battery, flip open the door, slide the card in, and plug in the antenna.


When we compared the features of the new PowerBook against the features of the popular and lightweight Sony Vaio, we found that the PowerBook is $100 cheaper. Furthermore, with a Vaio you need to lug around extra parts, which tend to increase the weight of those "ultralight" machines.

Thereis more in the can read the full review at TechTVis Web site.