TechTool Pro Updated

Micromat has updated their powerful system maintenance utility, TechTool Pro. Version 3.0.2 allows users to scan and repair disks, diagnose system problems, and check aspects of the system that other utilities are unable to, such as RAM. The new version adds a host of features and bug fixs. According to Micromat:

New In version 3.0.2

New File Scan Feature
This feature, added as both an option set to MultiTester as well as a unique panel, greatly reduces the time needed to scan a volumeis files for problems. Previously, the following tests were independent of one another within MultiTester:

  • File Structure
  • Finder Info
  • Virus Scan
  • Conflict Scan

As independent tests, it required 4 passes of a target volume to perform all 4 tests. The new File Scan group will now perform the selected 4 tests with a single pass. This effectively makes the process of scanning files for problem over 4 times faster.

The File Scan panel allows you to manually control the same File Scan group found in MultiTester. However, the settings for each particular group is dictated by the settings of the parent window. For example, if you only wished to perform the Bundle Bits test (from Finder Info) when performing File Scan you would:

Open the Finder Info window
Select only the Bundle Bits test while disabling the other tests. Open the File Scan window, make sure the Finder Info test is selected and then press RUN.

As part of this new feature, the program now supports drag-and-drop testing of files, file groups, folders and volumes. For example, to test all the files in a folder simply drag that folder onto the TechTool Pro application icon. The File Scan window will be opened and testing will automatically begin.

Rebuild/Repair Directory Speed Improvements
The Volume Structure routine has been enhanced and optimized. Version 3.0.2 can now detect and repair several new problems the previous version could not. The new routines are also now noticeably faster.

Added Auto-Updating Of Protection Files
This version of the application will now automatically create and/or update protection files for mounted volumes during launch. This insures that a valid protection file is available for a given volume. While this feature does increase the launch time for the application, there are two options available to disable/bypass this feature:

Preferences - a new preference has been added to the general preference section. To disable Auto-Update, uncheck that option. At Launch - If you hold the option key when launching TechTool Pro, the Auto-Update feature will be bypassed on that session but will resume on all consecutive sessions.

Other Additions:

  • Added more conflicts to the Conflict Database file.
  • Added Support For Third-Party USB And Cards
  • Added Support For More Third-Party SCSI Cards
  • Added Improved SCSI Scanner Detection

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where System File test would not find some valid system files/folders.
  • Fixed bug where SCC chip test would crash program on some configurations.
  • Fixed control panel bug that would prevent the saving of preferences on some systems.
  • Fixed Software Conflict bug that would not properly identify some system versions.
  • Fixed a wide variety of minor operational and cosmetic bugs.

TechTool Pro is available for US$97.98. You can find more information at the Micromat web site.