TechWorks Ships 512 MB SODIMMs For iBook & TiBook

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TechWorks is now shipping 512 MB RAM modules for both Appleis new iBook and the Titanium PowerBook. According to TechWorks:

TechWorks, Premier Apple Developer, releases two new products for Apple computers.

First: a 512MB SODIMM-Part Number 12467-0001, is designed for the Titanium and PowerBook FireWire 2000 (Pismo) and allows you to upgrade to 1 GigaByte with two modules.

A second SODIMM, 512MB-Part Number 12468-0001, upgrades all iBooks, from the original to the new iBook.

You can find pricing information on the iBook module and the Titanium PowerBook modules at TechWorksi Web site.

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