Tech News World Gives Apple's Xserve High Marks

While most of the Mac world is well aware of Appleis Little 1U Server That Could, the Xserve is still in the process of permeating the consciousness of the wider tech sector. To help that process along comes a new review of the Xserve in TechNewsWorld. While somewhat late to the party, the review is an interesting and quite in-depth look at the brushed aluminum server.

The review first goes over the Xserveis specs, such as the dual 1.33GHz G4s and the three ATA133 channels supporting up to 720GB of storage. Next, it looks at the OS that comes preinstalled on the Xserve, noting that the Xserve includes a copy of OS X Server that allows an unlimited number of clients to connect. The review goes on to look at many other items, such as Web serving performance and setup of the Xserve. From Tech News World:

Xserve comes with a front bezel that is removed for rack installation, which can be done via a supporting frame, as we used, or a midchassis/double-rail installation. Xserve contains quite a bit of densely packed hardware, and therefore generates a lot of heat, and associated fan noise can be high.

There are two methods of initially activating Xserveis software -- via an Apple client networked to it ("headless") or by outfitting the Xserve with monitor, keyboard and mouse. There is no HTTP interface for installation, so an Apple running OS X Server 10.2 or a USB keyboard/mouse and monitor is required. Secure Shell can be used for command-line-based applications but not for installation purposes.

The unlimited user license ships with Xserve at no additional charge. Xserve uses common Unix-derivative applications such as Samba and Common Unix Printing System, and these applications are controlled by Xserve server administration applications.

You can read the full review at Tech News Worldis Web site, including a very positive conclusion that says the Xserve (and by implication Mac OS X Server) puts many Linux distributions to shame.