Ten Things Apple Needs to Fix

Tech site Deep Thought published last week a critical piece examining 10 things the authors think Apple could do better. The authors are firmly in Appleis camp, but they want to see some major Apple procedural and cultural problems fixed and offered both serious and constructive thoughts.

The topics range from Appleis Aroma of Superiority to not playing fair with partners (for example, the Hewlett Packard iPod), quality control, concern over Appleis game development, treatment of developers, and Mac OS X user interface inconsistency. Regarding bugs in Mac OS X, the writers wondered: "What is the explanation behind these fumbles?? Is Apple so intently concentrating on The Next Big Thing that they have few resources devoted to weeding out and fixing all but the most glaring bugs?"

The article concluded: "With Macworld Expo 2007 approaching, the time is ripe for Apple to capitalize on some of the deficiencies we?ve enunciated here and to strengthen their image in the computer market."