Tennesse Newspaper: Dell Employee Files Reverse-Discrimination Suit

Dell Computer is facing a discrimination lawsuit, much like the one recently served to Apple Computer.

Earlier this month, an ex-Apple employee filed a $40 million discrimination lawsuit against his former employer, claiming that he was frequently mistreated and subsequently fired because of his race. The Cupertino company has made little in the way of public reply, and few details about the ex-employeeis allegations have been divulged or verified. Meanwhile, Dell has been dealt a similar legal blow.

Observer Jethro Lyons forwarded us a link to a November 10 on-line article in The Tennessean newspaper, which reported that Douglas DiAmato filed a $1.3 million reverse-discrimination lawsuit at the U. S. District Court in Nashville. DiAmato, who is white and has been a data control assistant at Dell for three years, alleges, according to The Tennessean, that he was "passed over at least five times for jobs that were filled by lesser-qualified black people."

DiAmatois attorney says that Dell-Nashvilleis middle management is wholly African-American and alleges that most of the promotions go to African-Americans. DiAmato also alleges that he has been discriminated against because he is a Vietnam War veteran.

No court date has been set, and Dell has made no direct public statement on this suit.

You can read the full article at The Tennessean.