Tenon Brings WEBMail To OS X

Tenon Intersystems has announced that the newest version of Tenonis suite of server applications, iTools, will include an enhanced version of WEBmail. WEBmail, as its name suggests, allows users to access IMAP and POP mail accounts from any browser enabled computer. According to Tenon:

Tenon Intersystems announced todaythat iTools 6.0, its web server package for Appleis new operatingsystem, Mac OS X, will include a new version of WEBmail.

iTools anytime, anywhere WEBmail enables users to access email from anydevice running a browser. iTools WEBmail is compatible with SMTP mailservers: thus the WEBmail client can POP or IMAP mail from any SMTPmail server and any mail client can POP or IMAP mail from the WEBmailmail server. The WEBmail client can be hand-tailored with unique logosand banner advertising on a virtual host-by-virtual host basis.

Tenonis iTools WEBmail was developed by EMUmail, Inc.(http://www.emumail.com), a widely respected vendor of web-based mail systems. The new WEBmail supports multiple attachments, address books,user definable folders, outbox for sent messages, real-time SPAMfiltering using the "Real-Time Blackhole" list of known SPAMmers,customizable tag line for site branding, blind carbon copy, spell check,quoted reply, forwarding, per-user or per-domain message quotas, andper-user or per-domain access restrictions. WEBmail supports FastCGIfor optimized performance.

iTools is available for US$399. You can find more information at the Tenon Intersysems web site.