Tenon Offers Up A Slew Of Product News

Tenon has announced a number of changes and updates to their current product line. Topping the list is the announcement of a new version of their server management suite, iTools, for Mac OS X Server. iTools provides a Web interface for administering the Apache Web server package along with other server functions. Also announced is the immediate availability of their X Window Server package, Xtools, and the forthcoming release of Post Office for Mac OS X. According to Tenon:

Tenon Intersystems today announced a new upcoming version of its web server tool suite, iTools 6.1 for Mac OS X 10.0 and Mac OS X Server 10.0. Tenonis new iTools 6.1 will include an Aqua GUI that enables webmasters to set up and configure Apache directly on Appleis Aqua desktop. The new GUI co-exists with Tenonis secure, remote, browser-based administration, enabling webmasters to seamlessly switch between desktop management and anytime, anywhere browser-based control.

Using Appleis bundled Apache as a point of departure and incorporating the latest open source protocol implementations of Apache, DNS, FTP and sendmail, iTools extends Mac OS X client and server platforms with a rich set of internet services. Tenonis iTools web server package is mature, integrated and scalable. The package lets Macintosh webmasters realize the full strength of an Apache-based web server, and at the same time have all the advantages of an easy-to-use web server. "With iToolsi ease-of-use, top-performance and extensibility, coupled with the strength of Appleis new OS, we are seeing Macintosh webmasters rapidly transitioning from Mac OS to Mac OS X", said Tenonis President, Anita Holmgren.

Tenonis iTools includes SSL for secure eCommerce transactions, FastCGI and mod_Perl for top CGI performance, an integrated, state-of-the-art caching proxy server that augments Apacheis built-in proxy services, integrated domain name services, integrated multidomain ftp services, integrated logging, a high-performance Sherlock-savvy search engine. Also included is support for Java servlets and Java Server Pages with Tomcat, support for Active Server Pages with Halcyonis iASP, and mod_dav to support the transition from a read-only web to a collaborative, writable web via WebDAV clients. In addition, a powerful WEBmail tool turns Mac OS X into a complete POP3 and IMAP4 mail server and a fully customizable, anytime, anywhere ihotmaili style mail client.

Tenon has also announced the release of Xtools 1.0.4, a free update to their award wining X Window Server for Mac OS X. Among the new features is enhanced ease-of-use via keychain support for secure shell, support of 8-bit applications and enhanced rootless display.

Xtools is an easy-to-use Mac OS X application that lets scientists and engineers display remote graphical applications on the Aqua desktop. With Xtools, these professionals can easily access remote applications while enjoying the uniqueness of their Aqua desktop. By enabling enterprise-wide Aqua desktops to connect to 3-D modeling and animations applications on UNIX, Linux, and NT servers, Xtools adds a new dimension to Mac OS X computing. In May, Xtools won the Apple Design Award for "Most Innovative Mac OS X Application".

Xtools is a new, built-from-the-ground-up, object-oriented, multi-threaded Cocoa application that takes full advantage of CoreGraphics and Quartz. Xtools is optimized for the velocity engine and multiple processors and supports hardware accelerated OpenGL. Xtools is not only a vehicle for displaying remote X11 client applications, but also for developing local X11 clients. The Xtools X11 libraries let developers build clickable X applications that can be minimized in the Dock. Xtools is based on open source industry standards and is tightly integrated with Mac OS X and Apple technologies.

Tenon, teaming with Japanese partner, Open Technologies, will be bringing Openwaveis Post.Office to Appleis Mac OS X. Post.Office is a scalable SMTP/POP3/IMAP messaging server designed to meet the needs of small and mid-sized ISPs. Post.Office can support 10 users or a hundred thousand users on a single platform with appropriately configured hardware. Post.Office will be available on Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server 10.0 from Open Technologies in the fourth quarter and will be solely distributed by Tenon.

Post.Office was designed from the ground up for ease of use, with an uncomplicated, user-friendly interface. The anywhere, anytime Web forms provide seamless navigation through the many Post.Office features. System administrators can make changes from anywhere on the Internet using Web forms with simple fill-in-the-blank fields and pop-up options. Postmasters can use Post.Office to easily administer enterprise email systems. End users can specify how their mail should be handled, join mailing lists, and manage mailing lists.

Post.Office does not run with irooti privileges and operates independently of the host computer system, making it virtually impossible to compromise the main system security via the email program. Other security features include multiple password protection levels, restricted user access to specific domains or hosts, limiting user forms to appropriate subsets and Postmaster notification in the event of suspicious activity. To curb the proliferation of mass unsolicited email (SPAM), Post.Office offers SMTP mail relay protection to restrict the system and/or users who may try to use the ISPis email server to relay messages. In addition, mail blocking feature can stop the delivery of all mail from a particular system, domain, email address, or user name to prevent idenial-of-servicei attacks.

iTools is available for US$399, Xtools is available for US$199, and pricing has not yet been determined for Post.Office. You can find more information about their full line of products at the Tenon Web site.