Tenon To Discontinue MachTen Line

Tenon Intersystems has announce the discontinuation of MachTen and MachTen CodeBuilder. MachTen is an app designed for bringing UNIX operations to the Classic Macintosh operating system. With the advent of OS X and itis UNIX based foundation, MachTen has been rendered redundant for the future of Mac OS. According to Tenon Intersystems:

Tenon Intersystems announced today that after December 31, 2002, they will no longer sell MachTen and
MachTen CodeBuilder. The products are being offered on CD at closeout prices as long as supplies last.

The concept behind MachTen was to strengthen Appleis operating system by enabling UNIX to live alongside of Mac OS - the strength of UNIX, the beauty of Mac OS. Because Appleis new operating system, Mac OS X, has the same underlying Mach/UNIX foundation as MachTen, Tenon announced last year that they were retiring their unique and well-respected UNIX for Mac OS.

MachTen is a Mach/BSD UNIX that runs side-by-side with Mac OS, letting users continue to run Macintosh applications and giving them not only UNIX terminal windows on their Finder desktop, but also a dedicated X Window desktop. MachTen extends Mac OS with a family of dynamically linked shared libraries that create a UNIX virtual machine-based execution environment with pre-emptive multitasking.

You can find more information about MachTen at the Tenon Intersystems Web site. While supplies last, Power and Professional MachTen are available for US$99.00, and MachTen CodeBuilder is available for US$49.00.