Tetris Has Nothing Over Qube

Catara Software has released a challenging and addictive new puzzle game, Qube. Reminding users of Tetris, Qube requires users to match falling blocks to form cubes. Once a cube is formed it disappears, and users can concentrate on forming new cubes. It sounds simple, but so did Snood and Tetris. According to Catara Software:

Catara Software announced today the release of their new game Qube. Qube is an addictive action puzzle with a twist. Qube will keep you from performing real work for hours on end.

The object of Qube is to keep a well clear of "qubes" by arranging falling pieces to form solid rows. Some pieces contain qubes that are not solid. These partially solid qubes, "partials," must be combined with other partials to form solid qubes. Partials will move through other partials but not solids. A row can not be removed if it has one or more partials.

Qube requires strategy, patience, and of course quick fingers. It is the perfect piece of anti-productivity software. Suitable for the whole family, even Grandpa.

Qube is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Catara Software Web site.