Text-Based Pong And Online Pictionary

Ah, Pong: a ball, a paddle, and an overly predictable computer opponent. Such a simple concept, yet so addictive! So good for countless hours of time wasting! The mere sound of the word iPongi brings back memories of the lo-tech goodness of primitive Atari and the arcade games in the corner of my local pizza parlor.

You can dress up Pong just as much as you like, but for the true fan, the lower the tech, the better the Pong. Enter the ultimate in retro-fun: from Karber.net, the worldis first text-based Pong. As Karber.net proudly states on the front page, "Itis like the new HampsterDance, only spelled correctly and not as popular."

To pit your wits against the uncompromising Pong skill of Karberis web server, come right this way. The rest of Karber.net is home to some pretty amusing stuff as well, and itis worth a look.

If youire more visually oriented, you can indulge in a little game of online Pictionary over at iSketch. This Shockwave-based game lets you play against other users: one person draws the image, and the other users try to guess the picture being drawn, gaining more points for guessing quickly.

An iSketch game in progress
An iSketch game in progress

All you need is the Shockwave plugin for your favorite browser, and youire all set to doodle away.

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