TextCorrections PDF Proofing Shipping From cyan soft

cyan soft ltd. is now shipping a TextCorrections edition of eProof. The TexCorrections edition is a PDF proofing app designed for the publishing industry. The edition ships with several proofing tools including a formatted text editor and Web browser proofing. According to cyan soft:

cyan soft ltd., the leading developer of high-caliber software solutions for the pre-press & publishing industry, is proud to announce the release of the Text-Corrections edition of cyan eProof, the premier Web proofing solution.

eProof has taken PDF proofing to the next level by adding reliability, simplicity, and efficiency to the PDF proofing process. On top of that, eProof enhances PDF proofing with a unique formatted text editor, which allows correcting original PDF text, and a number of additional proofing tools.

In contrast to PDF proofing workflows based on the proofing tools of the full version of Acrobat 5, eProof provides its proofing tools without requiring any software investments on the client’s side - Windows and Mac users can easily proof and approve jobs over the Internet using a standard web browser.

You can find more information about the TextCorrections edition od eProofs at the cyan soft ltd. Web site. Contact the cyan soft sales team for individual pricing information.