Text Cleaner 2 Released

Studio 405 has updated Text Cleaner to version 2.0. Text Cleaner allows users to easily "clean" text by removing unwanted spacing, characters, or formatting providing an easy method for preparing text for print or Web publication. According to Studio 405:

Studio 405, Inc. announced the release of Text Cleaner 2, the premier text preparation utility for typesetters and graphic designers, editors, and anyone working with text for print or Web publication.

Text Cleaner was designed to eliminate the need for common search-and-replace routines to prepare text for print or Web publication. Correct typesetting marks and input error correction are handled in one pass. Text Cleaneris unique, easy-to-use and intelligent approach significantly reduces text manipulation time. New features in this version include unlimited presets, a speed increase up to 300%, user-defined cleaning options, custom DropClean applets, importing and exporting of presets and improved cleaning of QuarkXpress documents.

Text Cleaner feature highlights:

  • Cleans text files
  • Cleans text on clipboard
  • Cleans text within QuarkXpress while retaining style information
  • Drag and drop cleaning of text files on the desktop
  • Performs cleaning operations in the best possible sequence
  • User-defined cleaning operations use smart search and replace
  • User presets save snapshots of settings for instant recall
  • Importing and exporting of presets for easier standardization on multiple Macs.
  • Much more...

Text Cleaner is available for US$39. You can find more information at the Studio 405 Web site.