Text "Cleaner" Updated

One App Software has updated their text cleaner and formatter, Clean Text. The new version allows users to easily remove extra formatting, blank lines, and unwanted characters. This is often ideal for text transfer and conversion over the Internet. According to One App Software:

OneApp Software has released new version of OneApp Clean Text. iOneApp Clean Texti is a shareware tool that eliminates all text formatting, removes empty lines, multiple spaces, tab characters, fixes paragraphs etc. OneApp Clean Text has the ability to apply changes to all the document or to only selected parts of it. Among the enhancements made in this release are: Improved the Fix Paragraphs feature; the word "OneApp" has been added in the name of the program: the new name is iOneApp Clean Texti.

One App Clean Text is available for US$15. You can find more information at the One App Software web site.