Text Editing Utility Updated, Renamed

AppliMac has released a new version of their text editing/cleaning utility, AppliMac Clean Text 2.0. Formerly OneApp Clean Text, the program allows users to easily remove any unwanted formatting from a block of text, ideal for dealing with documents from the Internet or other computer platforms. According to AppliMac:

Applimac today released Applimac Clean Text 2.0 for Mac OS and Mac OS X. Applimac Clean Text is a text-utility that eliminates all text formatting, preparing it for pasting and performs other useful functions, such as removing empty lines, removing multiple spaces, removing forwarding characters from email text, removing tab characters, converting straight quotes with curly quotes etc.

This release adds the usersi top feature-request: Convert to Smart Quotes, a feature that let you replace straight quotes with curly quotes in text.

AppliMac Clean Text is available for US$15. You can find more information at the AppliMac Web site.