Textation Update From Feelorium

Feelorium has released an update for Textation, bringing it to version 1.0.2. Textation is designed to allow users text manipulation of QuickTime tracks and has support for Chapter Tracks and HREF Tracks. The update includes performance enhancements. According to Feelorium:

FEELORIUM has released Textation 1.0.2 today.

Textation is an easy to use QuickTime text track editor. You simply point, click and type the text needed to display, without the need to manipulate text descriptors manually and type time codes one by one. Textation even checks the validity of time codes while you input data.

Whatis New:

  • Textation now exports self-contained movies instead of movies with dependencies
  • You can set the layer numbers of text tracks
  • You can drag and drop movie file onto project window to set the reference movie
  • You can select iRemove Ref. Moviei menu item to remove the reference movie
  • You can select multiple text styles now
  • This version includes both English and Traditional Chinese localized resources
  • This version can export movies with double-byte filenames
  • This version redraws the movie correctly after window resizing

You can find more information about Textation at the Feelorium Web site. Textation 1.0.2 is available for US$29.00.