Thank Santa For The Gifts Via Email

If Then Software has released a new app for parents, eSanta 1.0. eSanta is a pseudo-internet utility designed to simulate sending emails to the jolly fellow up north. The update features a thank-you Santa function. According to If Then Software:

If Then Software updates eSanta (1.2) just in time for the holiday season!

Featured on the June 2003 MacAddict magazine, eSanta will make it easy for your children to send a safe and quick eMail to Santa–they will even get a response while they wait! eSanta simulates an Internet connection to the North Pole, so the user doesnit even have to have a real internet connection to enjoy. Print out the letter or have it read to you with the speech capabilities of OS X!

A new features this year includes a "Thank Santa" function that the children can use to send a note of thanks to Santa after the holidays

You can find more information about the eSanta update at the If Then Software Web site. eSanta 1.2 is available as donationware.