That's Deep: SoulSavers Screen Saver Released

SoulSoftware has released a new screen saver application, SoulSavers. SoulSavers is a set of screen saver modules that include beautiful images and inspirational quotes from famous people throughout history. According to SoulSoftware:

SoulSoftware has just released Soul Savers for Macintosh and Windows. Soul Savers is a spiritual screen saver with beautiful images, music, and daily quotes from the great masters of the world. Completely customizable, you can even add quotes from your own faith. With over 2000 quotes so far, there are hundreds of people gathering quotes from their favorite sources to add to the list.

With SoulSavers your computer screen becomes a peaceful and inspirational background when you are taking a short break in your work. Or, you can take a moment for a creative and playful game that will relax your brain and spur your creativity during the work day. Inspiring daily quotes will center your thoughts on your spiritual life. By scheduling programs to launch at certain times you will be reminded to take your spiritual moment during the day.

SoulSavers is available for US$19.95. You can find more information at the SoulSoftware Web site.