The Ambrosia Guy Ate WHAT? We Have Pictures To Prove It

In case you had somehow missed it, Jason Whong held true to his promise that if Ambrosia Software shipped a product with bugs that he would eat bugs at MACWORLD. And he did. In case your morbid curiousity is getting the best of you, and you have not seen any images from the "land mark" event yet, Ambrosia has posted some pictures on their web site. According to Ambrosia;

Last August, Ambrosia Software, Inc. threw down the gauntlet by stating that it would force Marketing Director Jason Whong to eat real insects if any Fall/Winter 1999 or Spring 2000 Ambrosia product shipped with bugs.

3dfx Interactive, maker of high-end 3D video cards, teamed up with Ambrosia Software, Inc. to host the public spectacle in their booth #1455 at MacWorld/NYC 2000. Finally, after much anticipation, we have images from this event, for those of you who couldnit attend.

You can find pictures of this event at the Ambrosia Software web site.