The Apple Collection Site Updated

Late last week The Apple Collection Web site premiered its new look. The Apple Collection is a great place to find a wide variety of Apple related items, from desktop pictures to iMac inspired sewing machines. According to The Apple Collection:

We are proud to present the new site, with many new sections and updates added.

  • Desktop Picture Section: Accessories, Aqua Style, Colored Docks, Erotics, G4 Cube, PowerBook G4
  • Over 80 new Postcards divided in 7 sections
  • The original "MacCards" website
  • The Prototype Section redesigned, lighter navigation and many new designis added
  • A Shop Section books, software, hardware, collectible, PDA...
  • The Apple News has been divided in 4 pages for faster access
  • Now you can translate the whole site in Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese by one click
  • In the page "About us", you will find information?s about our new server and more about us...
  • We give a weekly Award called "Site of the week", now you can see all of them by date and URL
  • A mailinglist, (this mail) has been created to better inform our visitors about whatis up...

The full site has been redesigned for faster access, with a new look, give us your impressions!!!

You can find more information at the recently redesigned Apple Collection Web site.

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