The BLOB Attacks: 4D Plug-In ObjectTools Update

Aparajita Fishman has released an update for ObjectTools, bringing it to version 1.64. ObjectTools is a 4D plug-in designed for creating BLOB-like data structures. The update is carbonized for OS X and ships with minor bug fixes. According to Aparajita Fishman:

Aparajita Fishman today announced the release of 1.64 of ObjectTools.

ObjectTools is a 4th Dimension plugin which provides a suite of commands for creating BLOB-like data structures called "objects".

Version 1.64 of ObjectTools is fully Carbonized to run under Mac OS X and fixes a few minor bugs.

ObjectTools eliminates the limitations of 4D BLOBs and adds many new features not available with BLOBs. Using ObjectTools, 4D developers can:

  • Store and retrieve any 4D data type (except for 2D arrays) by name in any order, eliminating the need to remember and use numeric offsets
  • Access elements of arrays in an object without retrieving the array from the object
  • Store and retrieve an entire record from any table with a single command
  • Embed objects within objects to create hierarchically structured data storage
  • Save and restore objects to and from BLOBs
  • Dramatically reduce process and interprocess variable usage
  • Easily package data for interprocess messaging
  • Develop in an object-oriented style

You can find more information about the ObjectTools update at the Aparajita Fisman Web site. ObjectTools 1.64 is available for US$270.00.