The Baltimore Sun Looks At OS X 10.3

Press about Appleis new 10.3 version of OS X keeps rolling in, this time from the Baltimore Sunis David Zeiler. His newest column looks at Appleis release schedule compared to Microsoftis, and then goes on to look at new features, such as Xcode, improved speed, interface changes, and more. From the Baltimore Sun:

Among the many improvements chief executive Steve Jobs has brought to Apple Computer Inc. since his return in 1997 has been consistent major operating system releases, particularly those of Mac OS X.

But with the release of Panther, Mac OS X receives its fourth major upgrade in three years, an impressive track record. The next major upgrade to Microsoft Windows, code-named Longhorn, isnit due until 2006. By then, Apple should have released at least two more major upgrades to OS X.

With upgrades coming so quickly, one might suspect that Apple is rushing them out the door, but that hasnit been the case. Panther, like Jaguar last year, contains 150 new features, although not all of them will be apparent to all users.

Some of the features, for example, are targeted at developers, some at systems administrators and those versed in OS Xis Unix core, and some at business users. But quite a few will appeal to most Mac users, including home users.

You can read the full article at the Baltimore Sunis Web site.