The Baltimore Sun Looks At Windows iTunes Music Store

The flow of press about Appleis new Windows version of iTunes and the iTunes Music Store continues with an article in the Baltimore Sun. The article examines many aspects of Appleis music push, including iTunes, the iTMS, the deal with AOL, the deal with Pepsi, and more. From the Baltimore Sun:

Apple is serious about selling music.

Last week, Apple Computer Inc. released the Windows version of its iTunes Music Store.

The news was no surprise, as Apple had for months promised a Windows version of the software, and a week earlier sent out media invitations for an Apple event containing the statement: "The yearis biggest music story is about to get even bigger."

But the Windows version of iTunes, combined with announcements of several major partnerships to promote the iTunes Music Store, shows a far more broader-minded Apple than weire used to seeing.

That Apple was willing to write software for Microsoft Windows at all -- CEO Steve Jobs announced it with the phrase "Hell Froze Over" -- shows just how seriously the company is taking its new role as a music retailer. The only other Windows software Apple distributes is its audio-video QuickTime player, introduced more than a decade ago.

You can read the full article at the Baltimore Sunis Web site.